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The government is focusing on electric vehicles .... The government is in the process of striving to take the furlough's norms. This step will be lifted to replace the traditional engines with IEC, ie International Combustion, to electric vehicles. According to the letter of the agreement, strict emission norms will have to make 4 to 6% electric vehicles for vehicle manufacturer's vibrations. This is the 15th ...
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9400 karod rupaye ke paikej ke saath, sarakaar ilektronik vaahanon ke lie sabsidee sabsidee dene kee taiyaaree kar rahee hai, kyonki pradooshan ke kaaran petrol aur deejal kee keematen badh rahee hain. sarakaar 1.5 laakh rupaye se adhik ke mooly ke saath ek dopahiya khareedaar ko 30, 000 rupaye ka protsaahan degee.
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Akila News Gujarat E-Riksha will run on Gujarat roads: Rs. 20 thousand subsidy Thursday, 24 May, 3.22 pm Patrol- Battery-based rickshaw instead of kerosene smoke: Seat capacity of 5 including driver: 30km from rape Can run at speeds Rajkot, Ta. 24: After the implementation of battery-operated towelers for the students of Gujarat government, the battery-powered three-wheeler passenger rickshaw wants to be put in the market. The administrative process is being run by the Department of Climate Change for a novel experiment to run 'e-rickshaw' on the roads of Gujarat. According to official sources, the government will issue tender for providing rickshaws for a total of 5 people, including the driver and 4 passengers, and the cost of one rickshaw will be estimated at 1.5 lakhs. The government will subsidize 20 thousand rupees for the value of the rickshaw, the remaining amount will be arranged by the beneficiary. 'E-Rickshaw' will run battery based on which maximum speed will be 30 kilometers. The total battery charge is 80 to 100 km after charging. It is estimated that there are currently over 200 lakh passenger rickshaws in Gujarat. The government wants to provide 1 rn rickshaw for the first phase. In the next two months, passengers are expected to get moving in the e-rickshaw. Increasingly increasing its coverage by looking at success. Beneficiary is a resident of Gujarat and is the primary qualification of the rickshaw affiliated business. The rules for subsidy are being framed. Government sources say the e-rickshaw will prove to be very cheap, easy and environmentally friendly as compared to Patrol, CNG, and Rakshas.
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Next Three Month In Our Surat Citiy In Electric Auto On Road.....Good News Mo:9227115551
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Scheme of 9, 381 crores for electric bus-taxi In order to promote electric bus, taxi and three-wheeler, the proposal of the second phase (FEM-2) of the 'Fame India' scheme will be placed in front of the cabinet soon. It is about giving financial assistance of Rs 9, 381 crore in 5 years. The draft of the Ministry of Heavy Industries was sent to the electricity, renewable energy, roads, finance and other ministries for discussion. According to sources, cabinet note has been prepared while adding comments from all ministries and departments.